What's Electronic Dab Rig?

2021-10-13 By Mingvape

An E-Rig is a battery powered Electronic Dab Rig used in place of the classic Dab Torch, Quartz Banger, Rig setup. Differing from a Desktop E-nail, An Erig does not need to be plugged into a power source, nor attached to a rig to be used. An E-rig is an all-in-one battery powered device, with water bubbler filtration, a coil and base battery pack power device which can be charged,  taken with you and used anywhere you may go.

Most E-rigs are solely meant for concentrates, while some are compatible with concentrates and flower. 

Not all battery sizes are created equally either. So pay attention, the battery size will give you an indication as to how long the device will last per charge, depending upon what power setting you use. 

Under the Additional Information tab for each product, you will see the information we try to provide so you can make the most educated decision when purchasing a device from us. 





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